An equipped workshop allows us to offer medium-heavy carpentry works, paying the maximum attention to the production flow controls and to the quality standards necessary for a more and more demanding market.

We have a 3000 sq.m indoor area plus 2000 sq.m outdoor area, and we have also obtained the EN ISO 9001-2015, EN 15085 certification and Industry 4.0

Components movement & delivering

We can move each piece in an easy way, thanks to hi-tech lifting equipment both indoor and outdoor, that work without risks for our team’s security or components’ integrity. In addition, we can also deliver each component directly to our customer’s location.

Exactly, in our working area, we have:
  • 7 lifting systems, respectively with 10 tons, 16 tons and 30/10 tons payload,
  • 1 Scania truck with 20 tons payload and an IVECO van for the delivery of finish products.

Plasma cutting

With a 12.000 x 2.500 automatic system for plasma cutting we can realize clear and precise cut on components with maximum thickness of 40mm. In addition, thanks to an ARC Writer generator, we can also mark each piece

Oxyfuel cutting

We have an oxyfuel cutting line with a useful dimension of 12.000 x 2.700 , and an integrated ARC Writer, that let us cut metal sheet to 300mm.

Mechanical production

We can also offer milling and lathing services with CNC working machines, in order to guarantee to our customers pre-assembled components made according to our quality and precision principles. At the moment, in our working area, there are:

  • A vertical Mazak working center model VTC300 with 3 axes – ISO 40, , that can work pieces with maximum dimension of 1700*750*700 mm
  • A vertical Mazak working center model VTC800/30 HD with 4 axes – ISO 50 with rotary table, that can work pieces with maximum dimension of 3000*850*800 mm
  • A Sibimex lathe model CU 730/2000

Bending & Calendering

In our bending & calendering area we have bending and calendering machines that allow us to work metal sheets up to 3 mt length and 30mm thickness. In particular, our bending press has a 300 ton power and can work metal sheets to 15mm thickness, whereas the hydraulic calender, also with a 300 ton power, works metal sheets with thickness to 35mm.


We have a wide range of hi-tech welding systems, that guarantee certified welding processes according to the EN 15085 standard. Moreover, we can also control all the welding working flow in order to offer a better quality level.

Call us at +39 035 615953 and personally find out the quality, the precision and the accuracy we put in each working process

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